Mediline Isothermal Solutions S.A. has introduced its Quality Policy to focus at the following Principles:

  • To Research, to Develop, to Produce and to Market cutting - edge Temperature Controlled Packaging Products, specifically designed to ensure the efficient transportation of temperature perishable Products.
  • To provide cutting – edge Services in the constitution of Temperature Controlled Packaging Solutions for the efficient transportation of temperature perishable Products, based on International Transportation and Distribution Practices as well as Specifications provided by Customers on a project base.
  • To train its Staff on a regular basis on Issues and Topics relative to their Quality Assessment and Operations within the Company.
  • To Produce high - Quality Products, based on strict Raw Materials’ and Consumables’ Quality Controls.
  • To Select Associates who conform to high Quality Management Standards, in order to improve constantly.
  • To retain, under any circumstances, the Fundamental Quality Control and Management Principles at all levels/departments/posts of the Company, through the constitution and operation of a certified and constantly evolving Quality Management System.
  • To Conform to the Principles of International Quality Standard EN ISO 9001:2015, which focuses on Customer Satisfaction as well as to any other Standard the Company is certified.
  • To Conduct strict Control and Review of the adopted Quality Management System on an annual basis, in order to verify the degree of success of the set Annual Quality Aims and to set new Quality Aims as challenges which will demand more focus and efficient management for their attainment.

Mediline Isothermal Solutions
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