A successful distribution chain contributes to the Time and Temperature Sensitive Products’ integrity and quality preservation throughout the respective transportation processes, while at the same time complies with the National and International Legislation and regulations.

Mediline Isothermal Solutions S.A. performs all necessary quality control testing as well corresponding safety and mechanical attributes performance evaluation according to National and International Standards. These activities are executed throughout the development and production phases, in order to meet at all times the Products' Release Specifications and Quality Requirements.

Representative samples for each raw and packaging material, semi- and end-products are received for the conduction of the respective Quality Control Tests. The established Quality Assurance Procedures are not focused only to comply with the optimum technical specifications and parameters, but through continual monitoring of all productive and non-productive processes to ensure the availability of high-quality products that meet even the most demanding requirements.

Indicative Quality Control Operations that are performed on a daily basis are:

  • New Materials Testing before entering into production line
  • Testing and Release/Rejection of Raw Materials
  • Technical specifications and production requirements inspection
  • Machinery and Production Area / Process Inspection
  • Sampling and quality control laboratory testing for semi-products and byproducts
  • Testing and Release/Rejection of End-Products
  • Documentation of all processes and respective records/data retention

The Company’s Quality Assurance Department comprises of professionals with high education and experience on technical activities and quality assurance concept. The QA Department in collaboration with the R&D Department ensure that the defined Production Procedures and continually maintained, so that the End-Products fully comply with the standard technical specifications and requirements. Last but not least, the QA Department operations emphasize on the direct communication with the Company’s Customers for quality issues and technical documentation and/or support.