The innovation of the Mediline Isothermal Solutions S.A. services and products is initiated with the Design and Development process, but is founded and accomplished by the “Customer Service Oriented” strategy that has been established and focused over time by the Administration and the people of the Company.

We believe that building a long-term relationship of trust with our customers and partners is the cornerstone of the business sustainability and enduring success. Mediline Isothermal Solutions places Customers and partners at the center of its priorities and for this reason consistently aims at ensuring both the provision of high quality products as well the quick response to Customer’s requests, maintaining at the same time the strong adequacy of the proposed solutions, the provided services and their technical support.

Our main goal always was, still is and will be the effective and efficient management of the Customers’ requests, requirements and specifications, so as to maintain their satisfaction and commitment at high levels. As part of the ongoing effort to improve the services and products provided, the Company has developed and implements an action plan to achieve this goal.

In this context, the level of service and the experience that our customers are reaping from the interaction with the Company, its services and products, are monitored on an annual basis through customer satisfaction survey.

The constant communication and cooperation with our customers, in the light of the identification and fulfillment of their operational needs, enables us to evaluate the company's operating procedures and processes. At the same time, the information received from Customers is valuable in order to improve the quality and attributes of products and services provided by the Company.