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Ice Packs

Gel with new specially-improved formula which keeps the ice pack frozen far longer than ordinary ice packs (effective for over 24 hours).

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Temperature Control Packaging

A mould-free production method may offer any packaging size that can be customized to your specific dimensions, with no extra cost.

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is a Greek innovative company, that deals with the research, development, production and distribution of specialized packaging

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Having a stable development in our field for the last ten years, Mediline Isothermal Solutions is the leader in Research, Application, Production and Distribution of specialized packaging, for the perishables distribution chain in Greece today.

Mediline conducts research and testing with Phase Change Material Gel Packs to improve the performance of ice packs.

Mediline has the necessary

expertise and experience in production of ice packs for temperature controlled packaging.

Mediline implements

innovative design of isothermal boxes to the highest standards, resulting in dramatic savings in storage space and transport.

Mediline has the experience

and capability to produce comprehensive temperature controlled packaging solutions.

Mediline combines

its capabilities in design and production for isothermal boxes and ice packs.



- Superior temperature controlled packaging performance compared to standard solutions.
- It’s also possible to order a small quantity of customized temperature controlled packaging.
- Vast savings in storage space.
- Extremely competitive acquisition cost of temperature controlled packaging products.
- Absolute consistency in delivery of each order.